Welcome to my Website!

This homepage was started many years ago in Frontpage and is now updated to WordPress. It was made purely from interest in programming something with HTML. On the other hand, it is a marvelous way to tell the world something about my Ham Radio hobby and the projects I’m now busy with and made in the past period as well.

I have split up the site in menu items with my most popular projects, and describe the rest in ‘Other Projects’. Because I started with PIC micro controllers, I did a lot of projects with a PIC. Also the DDS had my attention so the combination of PIC and DDS is summarized in one menu item. But at this time PSoC, Arduino, Raspberry PI and Teensy development systems brought my attention. But the last 2-3 years ATV come into my hobby. Read about it on my ATV pages.

Because a Radio Amateur can’t do anything without good measurement equipment, I have made some pages dedicated to that subject as well.

All my projects have been embellished with photographs and wherever possible with electrical diagrams. For enlarging a picture please click on it.
Sometimes it is also possible to download additional files.

Much pleasure, and if you want to react….please sent me an e-mail!