The Minitiouner receiver V2.0


Because I liked the concept, I started building the DATV MiniTiouner receiver with PCB’s from the British Amateur Television Club (BATC).
The receiver consists of a (very good) wide band tuner from 140-2400 MHz, including the 2 meters and 13 centimeter band.

The tuner is built together with the other components on a motherboard controlled by USB and the Minitiouner software.
I have added an extra OLED screen on which the settings of the tuner are indicated. This is already prepared in the software.



Front view of the Minitiouner receiver



Inside view of the receiver


The results where very good. I received PE1ASH directly on 23 and 13 cm.


23cm DATV from PE1ASH


13cm DATV from PE1ASH


The Portsdown transmitter


After completing the Minitiouner project,  I started building the Portsdown DATV transmitter. This was a hard job, especially the modulator PCB with it’s very small IC’s.
Unfortunately, the mode is DVB-S while now more and more hams are going to work with DVB-S2. Maybe I replace in the future the modulator of the Portsdown by a LimeSDR….



Inside the enclosure

Front view

And transmitting….


This page is still under construction….