ATV 3cm

Because I have got (a long time ago) a modified LNB I started with receiving ATV on 3cm.  The only station I could receive with a 35cm offset disc, was PI6ATV, about 35 km from here.  And YES I received the ATV repeater with a B5 signal, in analog as digital mode. See pictures below. These pictures are taken before the great move in the tower of Ijselstein (2016/2017)

PI6ATV (digital)

PI6ATV (analog)

Later on I tried to receive the repeater in Zoetermeer and also I received the picture. In 2017 PI6ZTM moved from Zoetermeer to Den Haag but the signal was very weak (B1) so I have to improve my antenna situation and therefore I bought a bigger (60cm) parabolic antenna. On a separate page more about my antenna’s.

PI6ZTM (analog)

PI6ATV Digital and analog after the renovation in 2018


On internet I found a small motion detection module (HB100) that was easy to modify to a 3cm transmitter, thanks to PE1RKI and PA1SDB.  The video quality is very good. The lowest possible frequency was 10.243 MHz with the tuning screw removed. Video was made by a Raspberry Pi with the Python program

HB100 topside


HB100 modulator part


Received signal from the 3cm HB100 module


30cm dish for 3cm reception (PI6ATV)