PIC / DDS Projects

In 1997 I had the opportunity to buy 2 Teletron 813 Transceivers. Originally they where 156 MHz transceivers used in local busses, but no longer in use and donated to the Dutch ‘Radio Amateur Museum’. There were a lot of modification sets and articles available and I chose for the modification from Peter PA0DRS, who was using a PIC to control the synthesizer. That was my first (and not the last…) experience with a PIC microcontroller.

I got some printed circuit boards from Joris PE1KTH, for a DDS VFO. I wondered whether I was able to build a receiver with one VFO for 2 meters as well as for 70 centimeter. It has succeeded, see the related page.

PIC Controlled HF Receiver
A couple of years ago, I bought a book about Computer Controlled Receivers. That fascinated me so much that I started a project to build a PIC Controlled receiver. The DDS control software was based on the software written by Klaas PA0KSB (SK). The controlling software for the automatic front end tuning was designed by myself, even the new LCD routines.

One of Klaas PA0KSB (SK) last projects before he died in 1999, was a PIC controlled DDS VFO. Klaas had written the software for it in a very experimental way, but it was working well. Because a lot of people were interested in this design, the software had to be cleaned up to increase the friendly use of it. I made the desired modifications and published that in Electron. See the article on the related page.