Other Projects

Here you find an overview of miscellaneous projects. Click on the link and the project page opens.

My First Projects
Here you can read how it all started. With listening to all kind of short wave stations and later on to Radio Amateurs. What my first home brew projects were and so on….

Widerange VFO based on ADF4351  
With the Analog Device ADF4351 you can built a VFO with an extreme range of 35 – 4400 MHz. Read more about my experiments.

Universal VFO based on the Si5351
This VFO is based on the popular Si5351 and has a range from 1 to 125 MHz on CLK0. On CLK1 you find a BFO frequency or second LO. And on CLK2 you find the 1st LO frequency which is CLK0 + CLK1

WSPR receiving and transmitting  
Listening to strange signals is one of my hobbies. So I started listening to WSPR and found that so interesting that I built a stand-alone WSPR transmitter of about 50mW.

6 meter transverter and 30 Watt RF amplifier
Because of changing my vertical to a Diamond V2000, I start building a 2m to 6 meter transverter.

45 Watt HF All Band Linear
I build an all band linear using the very cheap MosFET’s IRF510. Because the linear needs only 1 Watt input, I also reduce the output from the DC transceiver to 5 Watt (was already increased to 8-10 Watts) and use an attenuator in the linear.

Magnetic Loop Antenna
Because I want to start using my new transceiver, and since an outside antenna is no part of discussion with my XYL…., I decided to construct a Magnetic Loop Antenna.

DRM Receiver
In Funk Amateur and Elektuur (Elektor) I read several articles about DRM, which is digital radio on the HF bands. That got my interest and I build a simple DRM receiver and found the required software (Dream) on the Internet. But unfortunately DRM is decreasing in popularity…